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Posted by MFM Ministries

One morning, I walked to my usual couch to have my quiet time.

I checked the stack of books (I was reading and planning to read) just beside the cushion for my Bible but it wasn’t there.

My sister had arrived home few days back and I felt she must have ‘helped’ pack everything to my room.

I walked to the shelf where many books are and so tired to bend or stretch or even run my hands over the books, I only scanned through, trying to fish it out with my eyes.

It wasn’t there.

Could it be in her own room?

The Holy Spirit nudged me to check the shelf again and I obeyed. Bending over, I raised a long book and some other books and there was my Bible!

Oh the joy!

It felt as if I had found something that had been lost for a long time but no, I felt the greater joy because the Holy Spirit had led me even in the ‘minutest’ thing.

As I was moving to my cushion, the Lord dropped a message in my heart.

“Oh if my people could just search! Oh if they could raise a book and another and search. They would have found the treasure to their souls. But all my people do is scan through. They don’t seem to have found the treasure and they just leave like that”

I sat down, picked my pen and started writing.


Search the Scriptures…says the Bible.

Sometimes we are just so tired and discouraged that we only scan through the scriptures, looking for a verse that speaks to our situations. We do not find it and we give up.

Only if we had raised one book and another and another.

Only if we had sincerely raised the stone in our hearts, the ones weighing us down.

Only if we had prayed to God before we picked our Bible saying sincerely from our hearts ‘Speak to me Lord”- that’s removing the spiritual books hiding our treasure from our very eyes, our hearts!

Only if we had picked a pen and a jotter in readiness for a verse, even if its just a verse!

The pen you’ve picked is like your hand which is ready to lift a book up and another.

You start writing what you understand by the verses by the help of the Holy Spirit. It might not even make sense at all just like it doesn’t make sense to check the shelf for your Bible, a Bible you always placed close to your prayer cushion.

After a while, your eyes, heart, mind, spirit and soul would open when the Water of the Word has washed off the uncleanness in you- then you’d see, you’d find.

“This is what God is telling me about this situation! Oh Glory! Thank You Lord!” You would exclaim

When the revelation is clear to you, you might even shed grateful tears, worshipping His Majesty- That’s ours to enjoy when we search!

Use another verse to break a verse you have issues with. Pray, wait, read again. Stop, close your eyes, digest what you’ve read. Open your eyes, read again, write down, memorize, internalize it, live it, do it!

Only if we search!

Many of us are just tired because of the many assignments the world, self, sin and satan have put on our backs.

Oh if we can come to Jesus, surrender our burdens and humbly to Him bow!

Oh if we can bend a bit and raise our hands to pull out our treasure from the piles!

Take God personally and see Him coming through for you.

Search the Scriptures- of course it could be boring if you do not have direction. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you and that’s after you must have bent (bowed) in readiness for the search.

When you search and eventually find it, you will be so glad, peaceful and joy like a river would flow through you. In actual fact, you will know what step to take next, what to say, what to do, who to marry, who to be associated with, where to work and so on.

Only if you search!

Search the Scriptures!

Search under the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

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